Thursday, March 1, 2007

Knitting Plans Foiled by Insurance Company

I have a FO to share today. The picture above is the first sock that got me dubbed "the sock lady" when I was in the hospital. These are my first finished socks and I love them mistakes and all.
Today was to be Remicade infusion day but it did not happen because the medication was not shipped by the insurance company. I was looking forward to it because I had a little, tiny project planned and was also going to read the new Knit Simple. I am feeling fine and will just have the treatment next week. I will have to plan some new knitting plans for next week. I will also get to experience what I anticipate will be beautiful new surroundings since they are moving Friday/Monday.

More FOs and news next time.


Anonymous said...

I love the socks! (but not the fact that you were in the hospital) I'm glad you're home & hopefully, feeling better.

re: your comment that "a book won't write itself"...I say, make your dream come true & start writing! Good luck! And if you need any help, please feel free to ask me.

Amysatx said...

I think your socks look great! I'm going to finally start my first pair this month. Looking forward to seeing more of your FO's!

Ann said...

I made my daughter just those socks last spring! Love them.

Laura said...

I like these socks! Lovely. (Hope having hand knit socks made your hospital visit easier... I have found they make me feel more like a person than the gown alone.