Sunday, March 4, 2007

Knit News and FOs

I have not learned how to rotate photos yet so you are stuck with these. These are fingerless gloves that I made a couple of weeks ago. Not really practical but a fun knit. I made a nice, soft washcloth with the remainder of this cotton. That will get put away for a Christmas next year. The photos are out of order but you get the point.
I joined the 40 days for others knit along at Annie Knits blog and am making premie hats for the NICU at Stony Brook University Hospital. I started Friday and I have 2 done. I will take photos of the two that I have done this week. I hope to make at least a dozen by Easter.
I had the chance to wear the socks that I posted the other day to church today. DH and I are attending Homebuilders so I also wore them to the meeting today. I made a great cake to take to the meeting today and I will post the recipe this week.
I was blessed to win some lovely sock yarn in a contest at Adventures of a Busy Mama. For a new knitter and a very, very new blogger who mostly lurks, I seem to be coming out of my shell. I am having a good time so far. Knitting bloggers are the best.
Can anyone give me any suggestions for learning how to move my photos around?
Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Your FOs look great...and it's so nice to get involved in a charity like that.

re: moving the photos you mean placement (left, right, center) or turning them horizontally/vertically? I may be able to help if you let me know. You can e-mail me:

Danielle said...

I made some preemie hats a while ago too --

Such a quick little knit!

Kim said...

Hey there!
Send me an email to busymamaof3ATgmailDOTcom. I'm sorry, I thought I still had an email link up!

Congrats on winning!