Monday, February 19, 2007

Not Exactly

Things did not turn out quite the way that I expected when I wrote my last post. At the time I thought that I would be on the mend soon. It turns out that I was admitted to the hospital the very next day. I was there for a much too long eight days. There is plenty of good news though. The most important is that I am feeling much, much better. Also in the good news department is that I got a good bit of knitting done while I was hospitalized. I finished two socks. Not a pair mind you. LOL The staff took to calling me the sock lady and even some ambulatory patients stopped by to check out my progress. Since my discharge I have finished the second sock to go with one of the two socks that I made and I am finishing the second sock for the other lonely only. I have also managed to complete two other small projects since I have been out of the hospital. Later this week I will get the photos up of the FOs.

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