Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yesterday was treatment day

Yesterday was my Remicade treatment day. I love having a medically mandated few hours to do some of the things that I love best. I worked on socks for my girlfriend, did some suduko and read a bit. All while sipping pink lemonade Crystal Light. The down side is that I have tiny, tiny veins and I had to get stuck 4 times to get an IV in that did not blow. If only they could figure out a way to give the medication without the IV. LOL The most important thing is that the medication seems to be working and the reaction that I have to it is very manageable. Thank God for insurance because each treatment is $3000.

I am trying to keep up with my Lenten charity knitting goal of a dozen little caps for preemies. I started number 3 last night. For this one I am using Regia plus Cotton on size 0 Brittany needles. This is the first time that I have used a needle that small, kind of like using toothpicks. I am having fun though. The picture above is my new little hat project.

I snowed a little last night so I am going to let the other drivers melt away the snow this morning. I need to go to the post office and the supermarket today and if I still have time before my younger son gets home from school, I am going to see what my public library has in the way of knitting books.


Jo said...

Remicade, huh? You must have RA or something very painful, I am sorry to hear. I'm battling OA in my knee right now, and glad it's just that one joint hurting.

I've broken size 0 brittanies halfway through a project, so I rarely use wooden needles in small sizes anymore. Brittany will replace for free if you send them a broken needle though!

Daryl said...

Actually, I have pretty bad ulcerative colitis which is literally a pain in the you know what. I am doing much better in the last month so I am not complaining.

For some reason, I only like working with bamboo or wooden needles. I am not surprised that your 0 Brittanies have broken though. I do feel like I am using toothpicks. I am just trying to be careful. I will see how it goes. I only have one set of these and I just signed up for the wee tiny sock swap at site and I need size 0 to make the sock. I do have some 0 Clover's that I can use of I need to.

Have a great day.

Sheri said...

Yes, thank goodness for insurance! A heart attack will cost you around $45,000.00 and that's just the heart!

I just bought the Regia Cotton sock yarn too. I did the Wee Tiny Sock with size 0's and you're right, it's like toothpicks.

We're having a very warm spring here and if it weren't for the dang pollen, I'd be enjoying every minute of it.

Sheri in GA