Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Second Sock Syndrome Here

I finished a sock that isn't getting frogged. This sock is by no means perfect but sometimes good enough is good enough. Since I have what I refer to as "prednisone brain", I made myself some beaded stitch makers to help the old gray matter. I made markers with numbers 1 through 4 so I know which needle is which. I also made stitch markers with and E (work even) and D (decrease) that I use when I am working on the gusset. I have also cast on for the second sock. I will share a picture of my complete pair of socks as soon as I finish the second one and I will show you my cute stitch markers also.
Yesterday was a pretty good day. Younger DS's birthday was yesterday. DH took DS and two of his friends to Stomp the Yard and then to play at Dave and Buster's to play. After that Older DS took the four of us to Houlihan's for the birthday boy's special dinner. I am very proud of my generous older DS. After dinner the obligatory presents were open and then it was bed time for all.
Today has been a little rough. Besides having a good bit (bad bit????) of belly pain today. It looks like I am not going to be able to have the new medical treatment that I had been hoping for. Well, when one door closes, another opens. I also had to miss my Tuesday night Bible study. I am sure that tomorrow will be a better day.
Hope that all of you imaginary readers have a good evening.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Almost FO

Except for a button to be sewn on, I have a FO. I finished the case for my I-pod that I posted about the other day. DH is "patiently" helping me learn how to take a digital photo and upload it to the blog. Here goes........... Not the best image but you get the general idea.
I have some more things to show you but I have to get up for church in 6 hours so they will have to wait. I have s WIP sock as well as the first beaded stitch markers that I made in an effort to keep me on track with my socks. I am determined that these are not going to the frog pond.
See you soon.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cure for Insomnia Discovered

In my last post I mentioned that I planned to design a case for my new I-pod Nano. Instead of designing one, I ended up combining features from the MP3 and cell phone cases featured in the Winter 2006/2007 issue of KnitSimple. I whipped up the case last night. This morning I began the 40 inches of I-cord needed. I wanted to time myself to see how many inches I could knit in 1 hour. I was asleep long before the hour was up. Did I mention that I have terrible insomnia? It is looking like I need to have a “dose” of I-cord each night before bed. What exactly can I do with tons and tons of I cord?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Welcome to Tiny Tinks

I vaguely remember learning to knit as a child from my mother. She reports that she learned to knit as a child but it was never a great hobby of hers. It was just something that she knew how to do. It was pretty much the same for me. While I “knew” how to knit, I don’t think that I ever completed any projects. (Some things don’t change too much.)

Fast forward to this summer and the wonderful adventure called disability. The disability itself is another subject for another day. Anyway, I decided that it would be relaxing and productive to actually practice knitting. I started several projects along the way and have now learned that I would love to make socks and other tiny treasures. Not that I have completed projects mind you. Big Frogs should be the name of this blog rather than Tiny Tinks but it’s my blog and I will name it what I want, so there. My primary knitting activity, aside from frogging unsatisfactory projects, has been exploring the blogosphere. I am definitely hooked in the best possible way. In my pre-disability life, I was a social worker so I have always been interested in others and in addition to the knitting that bloggers share with their readers, I love the bits of their lives that come through as well. My older son would just say that I am nosey.

I am by no means a tiny girl, but for some reason I have always liked tiny things, the smaller the better. My older DS, B, bought me a new cell phone for my birthday in November that I desperately wanted. The reason that I wanted it so, was because of its tiny size. (See photo)

For Christmas, DH and younger DS, M, got together and bought me a lovely earring and necklace set that I absolutely love. (In all honesty, since this DS is 11 and unemployed as far as I know, I think that DH was the financial backer on this one.)

Also for Christmas, older DS and DH got together and bought me an I-Pod Nano. Older DS is a college student who also works part-time so he is actually in a position to contribute some cash along with great gift ideas. Can you guess what the primary attraction for me was?

My first knitting goal for this year is to design and complete a bag to carry my I-Pod in. Given my lack of paycheck and resulting limited yarn budget, it is fortuitous that I prefer making tiny treasures. I hope to have a photo of a FO to share very soon. Wish me luck.

I look forward to getting to know some of the many great knitters out there. If you happen across this post, please leave a comment to encourage a newbie knitter and a new knit blogger. I intend to come out of lurkdoom and to respond to some of the great blog entries that I run across all of the time. Come back and visit when you can.